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Green Initiatives

Marquis is working hard to minimize our impact on the environment and to promote a cleaner, more efficient workflow while still offering the same quality our customers have come to expect.
Below are a few areas of interest that indicates how Marquis stays environmentally green:

1) Marquis® hot tubs comply with the California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 20 regulations for energy efficiency.

2) Marquis® is one of the first spa manufacturers to have products that are fully compliant with the European Union Council Directive 2002/95/EC (Restriction of Hazardous Substances - RoHS). Additionally, Marquis' products are marked according to Annex IV of Council Directive 2002/96/EC (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - WEEE) which addresses the handling of products at the end of their useful life.

3) Marquis' styrene emission per spa has decreased by as much as 73%. This translates to a styrene emission rate of only 4 pounds per spa, or 120,000 fewer pounds of styrene introduced into the environment.

4) Our stringent recycling policy of manufacturing materials includes paper goods, plastics and water.

5) Our Lean Manufacturing system allows us to operate efficiently in less space than conventional manufacturing facilities thus reducing our eco-footprint.

6) Marquis' Product Development team has increased efforts to design and engineer more sustainable spas.

7) Our purchasing policy requires sourcing of sustainable materials whenever possible.

8) Marquis' Employee Affairs Committee implements and promotes recycling of all materials in the offices and lunchrooms.

9) As an employee-owned company, Marquis' personnel are conscious not to create waste - we utilize electronic communications and employ a printer-share system to conserve paper and ink.

10) All Marquis' brochures and stationary are printed on recycled content from a clean mill with a sustainability charter, using soy inks.

11) In addition, Marquis has reduced the amount of printed collateral in favor of digital media to conserve paper and the water required to produce it.

Energy Saving

If you would like to help the environment and keep your hot tub as eco-friendly as possible, here are a few simple steps to staying environmentally green:

Step 1) Proper installation and use of your Energy Cover with linear heat seal is one of the most important means of keeping heat where it belongs - in your spa - and reducing energy consumption. Make sure that the cover is positioned correctly and the flaps are in place. Your Energy Cover also reduces water evaporation, thus conserving this natural resource.

Step 2) Set your spa's temperature a few degrees lower, especially during periods of non-use, to also reduce energy consumption.

Step 3) Use the proper heat and filtration mode setting, based on the frequency of your spa use, to dramatically reduce energy consumption - when you're on vacation, your spa can also take a break.

Step 4) Use ConstantClean™ water management with in-line sanitation system - it requires fewer chemicals than conventional water care methods.

Step 5) Use the Marquis Ozonator to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce the need for chemicals.

Step 6) Clean and replace your spa's filters at the recommended intervals to keep your spa water cleaner longer.

Step 7) Plant trees and shrubs to help reduce your home's carbon footprint - plus beautify your spa environment.

Step 8) Schedule proper service and maintenance to ensure your spa is operating at optimal efficiency.


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