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  • 6 Persons & 7 Seats

This hot tub Promise will rejuvenate your mind and body! Available as a one-pump or two-pump model it delivers exceptional hydrotherapy, especially to the legs. The open, multi-level seating for six features two deep therapy seats, two shallow therapy seats, two side seats and an entry/cool down. With four sets of leg jets, foot jets (and the optional dual geyser jets in the two-pump model), plus intensive back therapy, this is one Promise you'll never forget!

  • Size Dimensions: 201cm x 217cm x 90cm
  • Weight Dry/Full: 268/1516kg
  • Capacity Litres: 1249
  • Electrical: 230v 16/32amp
  • Total Jets: 46 (48 2-pump)
  • Model Speciality: Accommodating
  • Hydrotherapy System: 3-2-1 Zone Controls
  • Flow Rate: 320 Gallons Per Minute
  • Hot Tub Pumps: Two 160 Gallons Per Minute
  • SmartClean Filtration: Automated programmed Cleaning Cycle Software
  • Water Features: 2 Spouting pop up Water fountains
  • Zone Therapy: 3 H.O.T Zones
  • Geyser Jets: 2 Huge Geyser Jets
  • MaximizR Insulation: Full Foam Insulation with Moisturebloc Perimeter Wrap
  • Control System: Revolution 7/8/9 Button LCD Screen
  • Jet System: Hydrokinetic (HK) array with Stainless Trim
  • Ceramaglass: CD Ozonator with Mazzei injection
  • DuraShell: Microban Acrylic and Structurebond Fiberglass Matrix
  • DuraWood Exterior: All weather, No Maintenance Synthetic Exteriors
  • DuraBase: Solid Sheet Formed ABS Plastic
  • DuraCover: 2lb. density foam; Heat Shield Skirt, Inner Heat Shield
  • Reflexology: Williamette River Rock organic footwell pattern
  • Head Rests: Removable Head Cushioned, Resilient EVA Material
  • Mood Maker: LED Accent Light Configuration
  • Aqua Ambiance: LED Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • ConstantClean Software is the Muscle

The Ultimate hot Tub Experience also means the cleanest water in the industry, and clean water comes from superior system design for pristine water care. Our simple yet sophisticated ConstantClean system includes our unique Vortex Filtration that pulls all of the water and debris from both the surface and the bottom of the Hot Tub. It pulls more Gallons-Per-Minute through more surface area of Microban treated media than any other system. The pumps then pull the water through the heater and on to the CD Ozonator that uses Ozone to Oxidize any bacteria or contaminants before converting back to oxygen. Minerals and sanitizers are added through our convenient in-line delivery system to further soften and sanitize the water on an on-going automatic basis.

SmartClean is the Bran and all of this system is run by our SmartClean software on an automatic schedule after you use the Hot Tub and on a programmed daily timetable. You just add your sanitizer and any water balancing additives you need from time to time. This comprehensive management of the water care process results in less chemical use, longer periods between draining and refilling, and crystal clear water for hours abd hours of Hot Tub enjoyment. Truly, The Ultimate in clean water!.

Model Jets & Pumps:

  • HK™ 8 Neck Jets - 2(1set)
  • HK™ 8 Jets - 21
  • HK™ 12 Jets - 18
  • HK™ 16 Jets - 5
  • HK™ 40 Jets - 0
  • Geyser Jets - 0 (2 on 2-pump)
  • Jet Pump: 2-sp - 1 MP160
  • Flow Rate - 605LPM (1212 2-P)
  • Water Features - 2 Spouting pop ups

Additional Features:

  • Control system - 8 Button Panel
  • Hydrotherapy - 3-2-1 Zone Control
  • Zone Therapy - 2 H.O.T. Zones (2-P)
  • Duel Microban Vortex Filters
  • Automated SmartClean Technology
  • Full Foam Insulation
  • CD Ozonator w/Mazzei injection

The Ultimate Package (+ £1,995):

  • Adagio/ Infinity Bluetooth Sound System
  • RF Audio Remote Control
  • Constellation LED Lights
  • Cover Lift Companion
  • 34" Storage Bench Step
  • DuraWood Step 1
  • Aroma Infusions
  • 2 Marquis Towels & Marquis Duck


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