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  • Seats: 6
  • Pumps: 5
  • Jets: 82

The Mystique is a fully featured, high quality, extra large party spa. If you want plenty of space to relax and enjoy with all the high tech gadgets then this spa is for you. With 5 pumps, Sequencer Wave seat, Surround Sound MP3/Bluetooth Stereo system, complete Water Management System and Aqua Glow LED lighting the Mystique has some real WOW factor

The Mystique, flagship of the Vita Spa 700 Series, is a 10ft spacious family Hot Tub offering everything you could ever want. Powered by Three 5hp Pumps and a Champagne Air system the Mystique has 50 Stainless Steel Jets + 20 Champagne Air outlets, offering the Vita Wave Lounger, Large Dual Cartridge Filtration, High Efficient Recycled Insulation, BiOzone Water Management, H.E.E.T 24hr Circulation Pump, Latest Technology M7 Heating, Sony Stereo Music System with Sub-Woofer & Pop Up Speakers, Trevi Fountains, Cascading Water Feature, LED Cup Holders & 17 bright underwater LED lights along with easy to read Deluxe programmable topside controls.

  • Seating: 6 People
  • Size Dimensions: 290cm x 229cm x 96.5cm
  • Capacity Litres: 1,817
  • Water Pumps: 5x
  • Total Jets: 82x
  • MP3 Music System with Sub Woofer: Yes
  • Recycled Blue MAXX Insulation: Yes
  • Water Management system: Yes
  • Aqua Glow Lighting: Yes
  • Trevi Fountains: Yes
  • Layout:

The spacious layout of the Mystique gives you a variety of relaxation zone that deliver incredible hydrotherapy. Let’s start with the Vita Wave Lounger. Imagine that massage chair the slowly moves up and down your back, well the Mystique is equipped with a special jet sequencer that turns banks of jets on and off in a variety of sequences, moving up and down the whole body, the ultimate in hydrotherapy and only available on two models. Two large corner seat are fitted with our champagne air rings and vertical back massage. A further large corner seats and two bench seats give an assortment of massage while safety entry steps finish the layout. And you want play footsie with anyone due the Mystique extra large footwell.

  • Vita Construction:

Vita Spa is proud to introduce the NEW Steel Frame Construction to the 500 Series. 40% lighter, yet 250% stronger the traditional wood frames, our Steel Fame come with a Life Time Warranty.

Also New to the Vita 700 Series is our ABS SEALED BASE, which is an integral part of the support structure. This heavy duty one piece construction provides a very durable sealed base, locking in heat and protects your Spa from unwanted visitors, such as insects & mice who would otherwise move in to new central heated accommodation.

  • Music:

The Mystique is equipped with its own Sony Stereo Music System, providing AM/FM/CD & USB MP3 through our powerful Pop Up Speakers and the Sub-Woofer situated in the cabinet that produces a wow factor sound quality surrounding the user.

  • H.E.E.T:

(High Efficiency Energy Transfer) A Special 24hr Circulation Pump that generates its own heat, we call it FREE HEAT. This works very effectively on two counts. Firstly the Pump adds heat to the water passing through it by the way of friction from baffles amongst its construction. Secondly any pump generates heat and our Blue Maax Insulation reflects this heat back through our Spa Shell into the water, a combination which helps to add 2 - 3°C every day, reducing the time our Heater is in operation.

  • Wood Finishes:

Our ranges of Spas are finished with Excel-X™ maintenance free wood effect cabinet. Available in 3 attractive options, Teak, Gray & Mahogany Excel-X was designed to blend into any Home or Garden


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